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Opportunities for companies and professionals

Building an electricity interconnector cable the size of the EuroAsia Interconnector across two continents and three different countries is a challenging and complex mission. Today, at our headquarters in Cyprus we already employ more than 70 professionals and many more contracted service company experts, as our contractors and sub-contractors also embark on employing more experts and highly skilled specialists.

If you are interested to participate in any one of our procurement projects or are interested to join our team or any one of our sub-contractors, send us your company profile or personal CV, describing which aspect of the EuroAsia Interconnector you are interested in.

Most of the direct and indirect employment opportunities in Israel, Cyprus and Greece will be created by the EuroAsia Interconnector’s contractors and sub-contractors. These companies will be hiring a range of specialists to provide their services to the EuroAsia Interconnector. We recommend that interested individuals and companies closely observe the local jobs market for EuroAsia Interconnector-related opportunities in their countries.

For more information please contact us by sending an email to [email protected]

Human rights and labour relations

At the EuroAsia Interconnenctor, we believe in the principles of fairness, transparency and equality. This applies to the way we treat every individual and entity, from our employees, contractors and subcontractors, to the communities in which we work.

As a Cyprus-registered company, the project developer EuroAsia Interconnector Limited is obliged to comply with the labour laws of the Republic of Cyprus, and by extension the labour laws of the European Union.

We are committed to providing all employees with a non-discriminatory workplace environment and to comply with best practice on human resource management and occupational health and safety.

Similarly, we expect all contractors involved in the construction and operation of the EuroAsia Interconnector to commit to the same principles and endeavour to meet the same standards.